About Us

The Digital Ways Est (El Drob El Raqameya) Company, we supply raw materials to different markets in float glass, processed glass, automotive glass, tableware glass, medical ampoules, inks for digital ceramic and glass printing, textile printing and now we are offering scaffolding. Thanks to our qualified team and cutting edge technology options which are enabling us to deliver high quality products to satisfy the industrial requirements. Insuring our customers its reliability and durability.
We believe in utmost product quality, brilliant design and high usability in all our business fields. We work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Strategy Digital Ways is tasked to develop three key components:

  • Support Customer Requirements and Growth
  • Deliver a differentiated portfolio of market-ready solutions.
  • Create, Attract, Integrate, and Maintain Talent to Achieve Our Goals.
We Appreciate the Interest and Trust of our Customers and Suppliers.
Our Vision
Our aim is to become the market leader through research and development, surpass customer expectations, help them to sustain their product quality to earn their business as a valued partner.
We are here to deliver a unique window into the market through exceeding customer expectations and maintaining high levels of professionalism.
We are committed to upholding an innovative business where teamwork, honesty and ethics are of utmost importance in our accomplishments.
  • Provide guidance, knowledge and education in the market.
  • Provide continuous support for our clients to reach their targets.
  • Providing a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas and information with our partners.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction by monitoring customer feedback.